Sukses UN Bahasa Inggris, Kumpulan Latihan soal All In One SMA / SMK dan SMP

senangnya lulus ujian dan di wisuda

Jadi anda akan mengahadapi ujian bahasa inggris, brace your self. Latihan-latihan ini untuk mengasah kemampuan kalian, sebagian ada jawaban, sebagian masih misteri. memang sengaja, kalian bisa mencari jawaban sendiri. Bahasa Inggris tidak susah, asal dibiasakan, bisa karena biasa. Mungkin hanya logat saja yang agak susah bagi sebagian orang untuk menyamai native. Medok nggak papa, yang penting orang mengerti dengan omongan kita.

Ujian bahasa inggris tentu berbeda dengan percakapan. Kalau kita bertemu dengan orang asing yang berbahasa inggris, walaupun kita salah grammar mungkin juga spelling, orang asing rata-rata tidak komplain, mereka maklum saja (pengalaman ). Bahkan rekan kerja saya dulu hampir tiap hari berbicara dengan orang asing , tapi ya bahasa inggrisnya stuck , tanpa mengikuti grammar, hanya mengetahui kata benda dan kerja, lainnya ya semau gue.
Ok,  jika kalian akan menghadapi ujian  bahasa inggris, maka kalian persiapkanlah sematang mungkin. Bahkan jika anda mungkin sudah mulai fluent, tapi ya, menurut saya tetap harus dikalibrasi grammarnya. Maklum, di komunitas kita jarang orang yang berbahasa inggris, jadi kalau kita salah atau benar tidak ada yang tau, kecuali kita nilai sendiri secara mandiri, yang kadang-kadang tidak akurat. Jika kalian bergabung di suatu lembaga bahasa, maka berbahagialah, karena anda sudah mengambil jalan yang benar. Karena dengan adanya komunitas dan orang-orang yang kompeten berbahasa inggris, maka , besar kemungkinan kalian akan sukses dengan cepat, asal tekun / komitmen.
Nah kalau UN itukan ujian teori, maka persiapan yang tepat adalah latihan soal. Kami kumpulkan sebanyak mungkin soal-soalnya, kalian bisa langsung mulai, jangan ditunda-tunda lagi ya.
Let's Go!
1. My mother is one of English teachers in this school. She … here everyday.
B. taught
C. teach
D. teaches
E. is teaching
2. I always bring my dictionary everyday to my school, but I … to bring it yesterday.
A. forget
B. forgotten
C. forgetting
D. to forget
E. forgot
3. I had five books on my table two days ago but now … only two on it.
A. there is
B. there are
C. there was
D. there were
E. there is no
4. I … my bike when it was dirty, but now I am lazy to wash it
A. washing
B. to wash
C. washes
D. wash
E. washed
5. My sister lives in village but she … in city.
A. works
B. worked
C. working
D. to work
E. work
6. The man has elementary school education but he …good at mathematics.
A. is
B. was
C. were
D. are
E. has
7. The river near my house is deep enough so it … dangerous for children to play near it.
A. is
B. was
C. were
D. are
E. has
8. Her hobby is singing that’s why she always … singing together with her friends.
A. practices
B. practice
C. to practice
D. practicing
E. practiced
9. I sometimes come late to school but this day I … early.
A. come
B. comes
C. to come
D. coming
E. came
10. My teacher will … happy if I can answer his question well.
A. to be
B. be
C. being
D. been
E. has been
11. My uncle works hard night and day because he … support his family economy.
A. have to
B. has to
C. have
D. has
E. had
12. Everything can … well if you also try to cooperate with us.
A. ran
B. running
C. run
D. to run
E. runs
13. You should … driving license if you drive a car on high way otherwise the police give you a  ticket.
A. have
B. has
C. have to
D. has to
E. having
14. Most of students in this class can … English fluently, the others still have to practice a lot.
A. speak
B. spoke
C. speaking
D. speaks
E. to speak
15. My English teacher may … us  writing test tomorrow so have to make preparation for it
A. give
B. gave
C. given
D. to give
E. gives
16. Students must … their school fee as much as $ 15 every month.
A. pay
B. paid
C. pays
D. to pay
E. paying
17. The room is dark so we can’t … anything without light.
A. see
B. saw
C. sees
D. to see
E. seen
18. My computer is out of order so I must … it to Computer Center to repair it.
A. bring
B. to bring
C. brought
D. brings
E. bringing
19. Thomas Alfa Edison … electricity which is very important for us nowadays.
A. invents
B. invent
C. to invent
D. invented
E. invention
20. It is raining hard so you must … your car slowly.
A. drive
B. driving
C. to drive
D. driven
E. drives
21. Is Rina still sick?
Yes, I wish she …. here now to help me type the report.
A. is
B. were
C. would be
D. will be
E. had been
22.   I am planning to go to the party tonight but it is not raining
It’s raining very hard now.I wish ….
A..It stops
B. It will stop
C. It would stop
D. It stopped
E. It had stopped
23. I wish …. now to watch our play.
A. he is here
B. he has been here
C. he were here
D. he be here
E. he will be here
24. I wish you ….tomorrow.
A. have gone
B. will go
C. would go
D. shall go
E. are going to go
25. “Let’s go swimming.” I wish I …….. We have a test next Tuesday.
A. am able to
B. could
C. be able to
D. could be
E. will be able to
26. Tina : I am afraid I can’t finish my work.
Evi  : I wish I could help you.
From the dialogue we conclude that Evi …. Tina.
A. can’t help
B. won’t help
C. didn’t  help
D. hadn’t help
E. doesn’t want to help
27. I wish you …..  stay at home because I am sure you will  the concert very much.
A. didn’t have to
B. hadn’t had to
C. hadn’t to
D. haven’t had to
E. don’t have to
28. Budi has won  a medal for swimming. I wish I … good as he is
A. were
B. will be
C. am
D. should be
E. would be
29. “If only his son  had studied hard” means …………
A. his son did not study hard
B. his son studied hard
C. his son has studied hard
D. his son will not study hard
E. his son never studies  hard
30. She  goes to the blackboard as if  she knew how to solve the problem .
The underlined words mean ……………….
A. she actually couldn’t solve the problem
B. she ought to know how to solve the problem
C. She does not know how to solve the problem
D. She didn’t know how to solve the problem
E. She succeeded in solving the problem
31. “Would you mind ______ please?”
A. to answer the telephone
B. answering the telephone
C. answer the telephone
D. to answer the telephone
E. for answering the telephone
32. It is necessary that you _______ here on time.
A. are
B. were
C. to be
D. are not
E. be
33. If you want to ___ in running your business, you must work
hard .
A. success
B. succeed
C. successfully
D. successful
E. successive
34. The man ________ is very rich.
A. of which car BMW
B. whose car is BMW
C. whose have BMW
D. that his car is BMW
E. whose has BMW
35. Don’t let your baby ___ outside!
A. play
B. playing
C. is playing
D. to play
E. plays
36. Don’t worry! _____ the heavy rain, I will visit you next
Saturday night.
A. However
B. Besides
C. Even though
D. Furthermore
E. Despite
37. Having caught the thief , _________ .
A. the thief was taking to the police station with the
B. the police station would be the best place to question
the thief
C. the evidence and the thief were taken to the police
D. the thief would be questioned by the police in the police
E. the police took the thief and the evidence to the police
38. A: “Taufik is playing well now.”
B: “He ____ before.”
A. must have practiced a lot
B. could have practiced a lot
C. ought to have practiced a lot
D. should be practiced a lot
E. must practice a lot
39. Mother warned her … the newly painted wall.
A. not touched
B. not to touch
C. do not touch
D. not touching
E. not touch
40.I … the  Sudirman street when it began to rain.
A. am walking down
B. have walked down
C. have been walking down
D. was walking down
E. would walk down
41. “When do you plan to get married?”
“After … school”.
A. I finish
B. I finished
C. I am finishing
D. I had finished
E. I have been finished
42. “I’m sure he will be successful in his job.”
“Yes “
A. if he should work hard enough
B. if he works hard enough
C. if he worked hard enough
D. if he work hard enough
E. if he had worked hard enough
43.“… he would have  eaten half of the cake.”
A. If he is hungry
B. Were he hungry
C. If only he was hungry
D. Had he been hungry
E. If he would be hungry
44.The batik dress mother gave me is old, its color has faded. Its refers to …
A. mother
B. batik
C. dress
D. color
E. me
45. Which of the following statements is correct?
” …”
“Yes; sometimes I do”
A. Do you see ever my uncle?
B. Do you ever see my uncle?
C. Ever do you see my uncle?
D. Do ever see you my uncle?
E. Do see ever you my uncle?
46.“I could have asked somebody else to carry that box” means …
A. “I carried the box”
B. “Somebody else carried the box”
C. “I asked someone to carry the box”
D. “I would ask someone to carry the box”
E. “I didn’t want to carry the box”
47.I’m planning to go to a party tonight, but it’s raining very hard now. I wish …
A. it stops
B. it will stop
C. it would stop
D. it has stopped
E. it had stopped
48. Your sister always gets up late on Sundays, …?
A. isn’t it
B. will she
C. does it
D. should she
E. doesn’t she
49.… a new language can be very interesting.
A. Learn
B. Learned
C. Learning
D. To learning
E. In learning
50.She went to the blackboard as if she knew how to solve the problem. The underlined words mean …
A. She actually couldn’t solve the problem

B. She ought to know how to solve the problem
C. she definitely knew how to solve the problem
D. She should know how to solve the problem
E. she succeeded in solving the problem
51.“What did he promise you?”
“… if he wins the lottery”
A. He treats me
B. I treat him
C. To treat me
D. He should treat me
E. That he treats me
52.“Having covered the typewriter, she turned the light off” means …
A. “While turning off the light, she covered the typewriter”
B. “She turned the light off when she covered the typewriter”
C. She covered the typewriter, then she turned the light off
D. She turned the light off as she was covering the typewriter”
E. “Since she had turned the light off, she covered the typewriter”
53. These shoes old, … comfortable.
A. but
B. nor
C. while
D. quite
E.  neither
” …”
54.“Neither does she”
A. I also sew my own clothes
B. She cannot sew her own clothes
C. Nor do I sew my own clothes
D. I don’t sew my own clothes
E. E Does she sew her own clothes?
55.“… a pity we missed the program.”
A. Being
B. It is
C. That is
D. There is
E. What is
56.The teacher has the children … to the passage twice.
A. listen
B. listened
C. listening-
D. to listen
E. have listened
57.“Mahmud had the oil of his car changed yesterday” means …
A. “He changed the oil of his car”
B. “He had to change the oil of his car”
C. “Someone changed the oil of his car”
D. “He would have changed the oil of his car”
E. “Someone asked Mahmud to changed the oil of his car”
58.My neighbor is a well … and very successful businessman.
A. educated
B. education
C. educating
D. educate
E. educative
59.“I’m sorry for … you all this trouble,
A. doing
B. making
C. causing
D. creating
E. disturbing
60.The disappointed man jumped out of the window and committed …
A. suicide
B. murder
C. death
D. crime
E. sin
61.He started to make a living right after the death of his father. The underlined word mean …
A. to work hard
B. to stay alive
C. to get married
D. to earn money
E. to look for a house
62. He was helped by a very beautiful nurse.
The underlined word  has nearly the same meaning as …
A. nice
B. thoughtful
C. modest
D. friendly
E. pretty
63.”The boys have been told the good news” Mean …
A. The good news was told to the boys
B. Somebody has told the boys the good news
C. The good news has been told by the boys
D. The boys have told the good news ‘
E. The good news about the boys has been told
64.“Is the new edition of this book already available?” No, …..
A. it is printing
B. it has printed
C. it is being printed
D. it has been printed
E. it was printed
65. The police …..  for the robber for two years before they caught him.
A. had been looking
B. have been looking
C. were being looked
D. had to be looked
E. were looked
66.“Why were her eyes red?”
“Because …”.
A. she cries
B. she is crying
C. she had been crying
D. she has been crying
E. she has cried
67.“If I had come earlier, I could have met Bob in person” means …
A. “I came very early, so that I could meet Bob in person”
B. I came late, so I could not meet Bob in person”
C. “Although I came early, I could not meet Bob in person”
D. “I did not come late, nevertheless, I could not meet Bob in person”
E. I came early, therefore I could not meet Bob in person”
68. His name is Paul, isn’t …?
A. he
B. his
C. that
D. so
E. it
69.“He must have been seen me eat the fish” means …
A. I must eat the fish
B. He must see me eat the fish
C. I’m sure that he saw me eat the fish
D. He could see me eat the fish
E. I conclude that he saw me eat the fish
70.She missed the train. She … earlier.
A. should leave
B. must leave
C. must have left
D. should have left
E. should be leaving
71. “I am sorry I don’t know the answer, but I really wish I …”
A. know
B. knew
C. have known
D. will know
E. had known
72.“If only his son had studied harder” means …
A. His son did not study harder
B. His son had studied harder
C. His son has studied harder
D. His son will not study harder
E. His son never studies harder
73. The dishes we had for lunch were all delicious …?
A. didn’t they
B. hadn’t they
C. were they
D. had they
E. weren’t they
74. At new year’s eve … continued until early in the morning.
A. to sing and to dance
B. they sing and dance
C. singing and dancing
D. song and dance
E. they’re singing and dancing
75. I was interested in … more about your work.
A. learn
B. learning

C. learned
D. learning
E. to learning
76. He knows only a little English, … he is to do good business.
A. unless
B. moreover
C. since
D. but
E. therefore
77.… a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily.
A. Using
B. To used
C. To using
D. Have used
E. To have used
Cross the correct answer! No given answer!
1.       These are names of transportation, except...
a.       root               b.submarine      c.canoe
2.       Ship is kind of ........transportation
a.       land               b.air                       c.water
3.       This transportation is big. It has propelers. It flies straight up but it can travel in short distance. It is a..
a.       Jet plane      b. aeroplane      c.helicopter
4.       It is big transportation and travels in the sea. It carries many passengers and vehicles. It is....
a.       Ferry             b. boat                  c. yacht
5.       This vehicle has two wheels but doesn’t have any machine. It travels on land. It is ...
a.       Bicycle          b. dogcart            c. Cab   
6.       I go to market by this vehicle. It has three wheels and doesn’t have machine. I ride ........
a.       Taxi               b. bus                  c. pedicab
7.      a person who makes wooden objects and structures....
a.      carpenter  b. sculptor       c. fire fighter
8.      a person who teaches in a school......
a.         teacher     b. headmaster             c. janitor
9.      a person whose trade is cutting up and selling meat in a shop.... grocer                        b. housemaid  c. butcher
10.  a person who maintains or controls an engine or machine....
a. engineer      b. stewardess              c. pilot
11.  a person who is proficient in sports....
a. athlete         b. driver                      c. servant
12.  a person that drives vehicles is ....
a.driver           b. house keeper          c. screw driver
13.  a person who cuts men's hair and shaves or trims beards as an occupation..
a.barber          b. surgeon                   c. manager
14.  a person who manages an organization or group of staff....
a. manager     b. employee                c. security
15.  a person who practises or studies law,,,
a. judge           b. lawyer                     c. mechanic
16.  doctor or a medical practitioner qualified to practise surgery ...
a.       surgeon                 b. student                    c. dentist
17.  I have a toohache. I want to see a ......this afternoon.
a.    Nurse                              b. occulist                            d. Dentist
18.   Mr. Hendro works in the hospital. He examines the patients there. He is a...
a.    Lecturer                         b. doctor                              c. patient
19.   Ms. Nina helps the doctor to take care some patients in the hospital. She is a .....
a.    Housemaid                   b. pedestrian                     c. nurse
20.   Mr. Jarwo works in a clinic that concerns in eyes problem. He is ....
a.    Eye doctor                    b. occulist                            c. veterinarian
21.   I want to play football with my friends. We usually play the games in the.....
a.    Garage                           b. stadium                           b. bus stop
22.   I am moslem. It is time to pray. I have to go to........
a.    Church                            b. mosque                          c. temple
23.   Doni is christian. He goes to ......every Sunday morning.
a.    Vihara                             b. pub                                   c. church
24.   Dina wants to go to ........ She picks his brother up. He travels by airplane.
a.airport                               b. bus stop                          c. gas station
25.   Shinta wants to watch film this afternoon. He will go to the .......with his classmates.
a.    Movie                             c. parking area                   c. park
26.   Kadek is a budhist. She worships in the ................
a.    Temple                           b. harbour                           c. house
27.   Yadhi wants to go to Sumatra Island by ship. He has to go to............
a.    Harbour                         b. airport                             c. bus terminus
28.   Mida  wants to repair his broken motorcycle. He goes to......
a.    Workshop                     b. barber shop                  c. florist
29.   Ridho wants to give his girlfriend a flower. He buys the flower in the ......
a.    Florist                              b. bakery                             b. fishmonger
30.   Sayna wants to post a letter. He has to go to.....
a.    Mail office                     b. post office                     c. police officer
31.   I want to know about time. so I see my......
a.    Watch                             b. handkerchief                                c. wall
32.   I sit on a.......
a.    Table                               b. whiteboard                   c. chair
33.   Teacher writes the lesson on the......
a.    Chalk                               b. duster                              c. whiteboard
34.   Satria is hot in that room. So he turns on the .....
a.    Fan                                   b. duster                              c. lamp
35.   mother put the rice on ...............
A. table                        B. Plate                        C. Table cloth
36.  Fany is cook in the ........
A. bathroom                B. Livingroom              C. Kitchen
37.  Father swims in the ........
A. swimming pool       B. Soap                        C. Shampoo
38.  Grandfather is sleeping in the ........
A. guestroom                          B. Yard                                    C. Bedroom
39.  31. Andi studies English in the ..........
a. classrooom              b. Stadium                   c. Museum
40.  These are names of food, except.....
a. porridge                  b. Honey                      c. Noodle
41.  Which one is name of food?
a. needle                     b. Soil                          c. Burger
42.  These are things in the kitchen, except....
a. napkin                     b. Appron                    c. Sofa
43.  Safii is frying egg using......
a. chair                                    b. Table                       c. Frying pan
44.  Farah cuts the fruit using .....
a. cup                          b. Stove                       c. knife
45. Mother grates the cheese with a. . . .
a. grater                           b. saucer                     c. ashtray
01. Andi can  …. me his bicycle  if I need it.
A. lend
B. to lend
C. to land
D. land
E. lent
02. You should ….. him about the accident that happened just now.
A. to tell
B. told
C. telling
D. tell
E. to told
03. I will …. you here tomorrow morning.
A. waiting for
B. to wait for
C. wait for
D. waited
E. be waited for
04. Drivers must not …… their cars here.
A. park
B. parking
C. to park
D. parked
E. to be parked
05. They must …. their assignment in the class.
A. do
B. done
C. did
D. doing
E. to do
06. You may ….. the class if you are not late.
A. attending
B. to attend
C. attended
D. attend
E. to be attended
07. You can  …. the class if you have finished your assignment.
A. to leave
B. left
C. leave
D. leaving
E. be left
08. I can …. you if I have enough time.
A. helping
B. to help
C. helped
D. be helped
E. help
09. You may ….. two books from this library.
A. borrowing
B. to borrow
C. borrowed
D. borrow
E. be borrowed
10. You must ….  you car when you see the red light on the cross road.
A. stopping
B. stop
C. to stop
D. stopped
E. be stopped
11. we can’t …. anything because it is dark.
A. to saw
B. see
C. to see
D. saw
E. seen
12. You may ….. here longer if you like the city.
A. staying
B. to stay
C. stayed
D. stay
E. be stayed
13. Sherly can …. many languages.
A. spoke
B. spoken
C. to speak
D. speaking
E. speak
14. When I was sick, I couldn’t ……
A. standing up
B. to stand up
C. stand up
D. stood up
E. be stood up
15. Tono can  …. as fast as Ben Johnson.
A. run
B. to run
C. running
D. be run
E. ran
16. You may  …. here with me.
A. sitting
B. to sitting
C. sat
D. sit
E. to set
17. Krisdayanti can …… very well.
A. singing
B. sang
C. sing
D. to sing
E. be sung
18. She can  … an accident if she drives fast.
A. have
B. has
C. had
D. having
E. to have
19. The cat could …. the high fence.
A. climbing
B. climbed
C. to climb
D. climb
E. be climb
20. Helen will ….. for her exam.
A. studying
B. study
C. to study
D. studied
E. be studied
21. The man should  ….. the gate before he goes sleeping.
A. locking
B. locked
C. to lock
D. lock
E. be locked
22. I can …. to your house with john today.
A. come
B. came
C. coming
D. to come
E. be come
23. You may ….. television after you study.
A. watching
B. to watch
C. watch
D. watched
E. be watched
24. Everyone should ….. with his money.
A. careful
B. be careful
C. carefully
D. to careful
E. be carefully
25. We must ….. things in cash.
A. buying
B. to buy
C. bought
D. buy
E. be bought
26. Some of his fruit should ….. in the market.
A. sell
B. be sold
C. sold
D. to sell
E. selling
27. Money can  ….. in many ways.
A. help
B. helping
C. to help
D. helped
E. be helped
28. It would …. if we stay here.
A. good
B. be good
C. better
D. well
E. being good
29. They might …. clothes for their family.
A. need
B. to need
C. to needed
D. be needed
E. needed
30. Money can …  for buying things.
A. use
B. used
C. be used
D. to use
E. using
31. The rice field should …. well if we want to get good result.
A. cultivate
B. to cultivated
C. be cultivated
D. cultivating
E. cultivated
32. This house may …. once a month by the owner.
A. painting
B. painted
C. be painted
D. paint
E. to paint
33. This class must ….. everyday in order to look clean and healthy.
A. clean and mop
B. cleaned and mopped
C. be cleaned and mopped
D. cleaning and mopping
E. to clean and mop
34. This broken television set can …. but it will spend much money.
A. repairing
B. to repair
C. repair
D. repaired
E. be repaired
35. The injured man must …. soon because his condition is in danger.
A. hospitalized
B. be hospitalized
C. to hospitalize
D. hospital
E. hospitalized
36. The water fro PDAM must … first if we want to drink it.
A. boiling
B. boil
C. to boil
D. be boiled
37. The number of motorcycle must .. if not the street always get traffic jam.
A. limitation
B. limit
C. limited
D. to limit
E. limited
38. John’s hair is long. It must  …..
A. cut
B. cutting
C. to be cut
D. be cut
E. to cut

39. Yanti is  …. a good student so she must ….
A. reward
B. to reward
C. to be reward
D. rewarded
E. be rewarded
40. Sophisticated media of teaching should ….. to all teachers here.
A. introduce
B. introducing
C. introduction
D. be introduced
E. to introduce
41. Students should not ….. if they have not finished their task.
A. be allowed to attend the class
B. allow to attend the class
C. to allow to attend the class
D. be allowed to attend the class
E. allowing to attend the class
42. The class should  ….. into two groups in order to get good  quality.
A. be divide
B. be divided
C. to divide
D. divide
E. dividing

43. You should …… your car before you drive it.
A. checking
B. to check
C. check
D. to be check
E. be checked
44. You must …. your coin into the vending-machine to get cigarettes.
A. inserted
B. to insert
C. inserting
D. be inserted
E. insert
45. English must ….. from kindergarten until university.
A. be teach
B. be taught
C. taught
D. to teach
E. teaching
46. The plants in the garden  must …. in order that they grow well.
A. watering
B. to water
C. watered
D. be watered
E. water
47. If you say like that, your friends will …. you.
A. criticize
B. criticizing
C. be criticized
D. to criticize
E. criticism

48. Children  should …. by their parents in order to be  good persons.
A. to guide
B. guide
C. to be guided
D. guided
E. be guided
49. My computer is out of order. One of the components must ……
A. replace
B. to replace
C. replacement
D. be replaced
E. replaced
50. This opinion  should ….  because it is good.
A. take into account
B. to take into account
C. be taken into account
D. taken into account
E. took into account
51. His idea can …. in our school.
A. use
B. using
C. be used
D. used
E. to use
52. Motor cycle riders must ….helmets for their own safety.
A. wearing
B. to wear
C. wore
D. worn
E. be worn
53. River water must not …. with waste from factories.
A. contaminate
B. contaminated
C. be contaminated
D. to contaminate
E. to be contaminated
54. Students should not … late today because they will have tests.
A. being
B. to be
C. be
D. been
E. were
55. You ought to ….. your money in Bank.
A. save
B. saving
C. saved
D. be saved
E. being saved
56. You have to ….. your English vocabulary everyday.
A. add
B. to add
C. adding
D. be added
E. added
57. The servant should …. the floor.
A. sweeping
B. to sweep
C. swept
D. to be swept
E. sweep
58. You ought to …. your office telephone number.
A. knowing
B. knew
C. known
D. to know
E. be known
59. Tony must …. in this school because his car is here.
A. be
B. being
C. to be
D. been
E. is

60. The meeting may …. because our chairman is hospitalized.
A. cancel
B. canceled
C. to cancel
D. be canceled
E. canceling
61. That coffee must ….. hot because we can see smoke over the glass.
A. to be
B. being
C. be
D. been
E. is
62. The hotel must …. a lot of guests it is located near Sanur beach.
A. has
B. have
C. had
D. having
E. to have
63. The players can ….. if they break the rules of the game.
A. disqualified
B. to disqualify
C. be disqualified
D. disqualified
E. to be qualified
64. Tony doesn’t come to school today . He may …. sick.
A. be
B. being
C. to be
D. been
E. is
65. This book will …. by its writer because there are some mistakes.
A. revise
B. to revise
C. to revised
D. revising
E. be revised
66. Students may not ….. Indonesian in this room.
A. spoke
B. speak
C. spoken
D. to speak
E. speaking
67. Students may not …. when they have tests.
A. cheat
B. cheating
C. to cheat
D. cheated
E. be  cheated
68. The lesson should ….. today.
A. finish
B. finished
C. finishing
D. to be finished
E. be finished
69. I have to …. the lamps when I want to go sleeping.
A. switch off
B. to switch off
C. to be switched
D. be switched off
E. switched
70. You may  ….. the piano if you want to.
A. playing
B. to play
C. played
D. to be played
E. play
71. Anita should …… about it to her parents.
A. told
B. telling
C. to tell
D. tell
E. be told
72. The sun energy can  …. to run cars.
A. used
B. be used
C. use
D. to use
E. using

73. It will … possible for men to cook dinner by using the heat of the sun.
A. being
B. be
C. to be
D. been
E. became
74. Did you hear me come in last night? No, I … asleep.
A. must
B. may be
C. may
D. must
E. must have been
75. The failure of our students should ……..
A. be analyzed
B. analyzed
C. to analyze
D. analyze
E. to be analyzed

76. The explosion of Bomb in Kuta could …. in Denpasar.
A. hear
B. heard
C. to hear
D. hearing
E. to hear
77. You can … your business if you have enough capital.
A. develop
B. developing
C. to be develop
D. be developed
E. developed
78. Death can not ….. . It will happen to all of us.
A. avoid
B. be avoided
C. avoided
D. to be avoided
E. to avoid
79. You must …. your letter before you post it.
A. sign
B. signed
C. to be signed
D. be signed
E. signal
80. I must …. my raincoat because it is raining hard.
A. wear
B. to wear
C. wearing
D. worn
E. be worn
Read the text and choose the correct answer to answer the questions!

Text 1. For numbers 1-8.

I love dogs very much. I keep some dogs in my house. They are Casper, Midas, Brwonie and Dottie. Casper is a dachshund. He’s short with long body and four strong legs. Brwonie is a collie. She has long and thick fur. What color is her fur? Brown, of course that’s why I call her Brownie. Dottie is a Dalmatian. She has a slim body and four long legs. She has thin fur and dots all over her body. The last is Midas. He is a bulldog. He has a large head, a short neck and thick short legs. He’s very strong.
I always take care of my dogs everyday.

1. What kind of text is the text above?
a. Recount b. Narrative c. Descriptive d. Report
2. The generic structure of the text is … .
a. description – identification
b. Identification – description
c. Orientation – events – Reorientation
d. Reorientation – events – Orientation
3. ‘They are Casper, Midas, Brownie and Dottie’ .
The sentence is the …. of the text.
a. Description b. Identification c. Orientation d. Events
4. ‘ He’s short with long body and four strong legs’
The sentence is one of the ……… of the text.
a. Events b. Descriptions c. Orientations d. Identifications
5. How many dogs does the writer have?
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4
6. What does Casper look like?
a. short with long body and strong legs
b. Brown, with long and thick fur
c. slim body, long legs
d. thin fur and dots
7. Why does the writer call the collie, Brownie? The writer calls the collie, Brownie
because ….
a. she likes brownies b. she has brown fur
c. she has brown ear d. she like it
8. What kind of dog is Dottie? Dottie is a …
a. Dalmatian b. Daschun c. Bulldog d. Collie

Text 2. For numbers 9-15
Last week, I and my dad went to a store. We went there to buy some candies. In the store, the candies looked so good. I would have bought a lot of them but my dad said I could only have three. I gave the store owner the money for the candies. As we left the store, I ate one of the candies. It was yummy. I hope we come back soon.
9. What kind of text is the text above?
a. Report b. Narrative c. Recount d. Descriptive
10. The generic structure of the text is … .
a. description – identification
b. Identification – description
c. Orientation – events – Reorientation
d. Reorientation – events – Orientation
11. ‘Last week, I and my dad went to a store’.
The sentence is the …. of the text.
a. Description b. Orientation c. Identification d. Events
12. “I would have bought a lot of them but my dad said I could only have three. I gave the store owner the money for the candies. As we left the store, I ate one of the candies.”
The sentences is the … of the text
a. Description b. Identification c. Orientation d. Events
13. Who went to the store?
a. I and b. the writer c. my dad d. the writer and his dad.
14. Why did they want to go to the store?
a. The writer wanted some candies
b. The writer liked the candies
c. They knew the owner well
d. The candies looked good
15. What did the writer feel about the candies? The candies were … .
a. bad b. delicious c. good d. the best candy

Text 3.
For numbers 16-18
To: Brad Pitt
Hi, friends, I would like to invite you to my birthday Party.
Place: Hotel Novotel
Day/Date: Saturday, the 15th November 2008
Time: 7.00 p.m.
Be there and enjoy the fun in my 17th Birthday Party
See you ……..! ( Nicole)
16. What kind of text is the text above?
a. Announcement b. Invitation c. Descriptive d. Recount
17. To whom is the invitation addressed?
a. Nicole b. Everybody c. Brad Pitt d. Brad’s friends
18. Who celebrates a birthday party?
a. Nicole b. Everybody c. Brad Pitt d. Brad’s friends

Text 4. For numbers 19-20

(for all classes)
Due to the 63rd Independence Day Anniversary, there will be volleyball
competition for all classes
Day/Date: Monday – Wednesday, 12-14 August 2008.
Time: 8.00 a.m
Each class must send two teams (boys team and girls team). Contact Mr. Bayu Nistelroy to know more about the competition
19. What kind of text is the text above?
a. announcement b. Message c. Invitation d. Memo
20. What is the function of the text?
a. To tell the students about the Independence day
b. To make known the students about the Independence day
c. To invite the students to the 63rd Independence’s day anniversary
d. To announce that there will be volleyball competition due to the 63rd Independence Day anniversary

Choose the correct answer!
Text 4. For numbers 21 – 25.
It (21)… my birthday party last week. My family (22) … .me a small party. I (23) …. my best friends to the party. There were about 15 people in the party (24) … . my parents, and my sister, Putri. It was great surprise that my uncle, Awang (25) … .come too. He works in a small company in Bengkulu, Sumatera.

21. a. is b. was c. are d were
22. a. give b. gives c. gave d. is giving
23. a. invite b. inviting c. invited d. was inviting
24. a. include b. included c. includes d. including
25. a. can b. could c. may d. might

Text 5. For numbers 26-30
Today is my birthday. I usually have a big (26) ……. in my birthday. My (27) …. friends always come to my party.
Today’s party is different from last year’s. I am having a (28)….. party than last year, with only my parents, my aunt, and my sister. There are seventeen candles. I am getting only a little (29)…. . It’s from my aunt, Diane. However I’m very (30) …. with my party.

26. a. party b. anniversary c. ceremony d. Celebration
27. a fine b. good c.well d better
28. a. large b. larger c. small d. smaller
29. a. souvenir b. grant c. reward d. gift
30. a. sad b. lucky c. sorry d. happy

For numbers 31-33. Arrange the jumble words into the correct sentence!
31. usually – I – my pets – feed – every Morning
1 2 3 4 5
a. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 b. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 5
c. 3 – 4 – 1- 2 – 5 d. 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 5
32. Raflesia Arnoldi – flower – in – the largest – is – the world
1 2 3 4 5 6
a. 4 – 2 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 6 b. 4 – 2 – 1 – 5 – 3 – 6
c. 4 – 2 – 3 – 6 – 5 – 1 d. 4 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 6 – 1
33. I and my family – for picnic – to Kaliurang – went – last month
1 2 3 4 5
a. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 b. 1 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 2
c. 1 – 5 – 2 – 4 – 3 d. 1 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 5

For Numbers 34-36. Choose the correct answer!!
34. Tomorrow, my aunt and my uncle ……. in Jakarta.
a. arrive b. arrived c. arrives d. will arrive
35. We are going to have an important meeting with the owner of the hotel …. .
a. now b. yesterday c. at present d. the day after tomorrow
36. The school is going to send some children to the Mathematics competition ….
a. now b. since this day c. yesterday d. on the next December
Ok, kami rasa cukuplah sampai disini, kalian pahami benar-benar soal yang sini dan cocokkan dengan kisi-kisi yang ada. Sebenarnya masih banyak sekali soal / materi bahasa inggris yang kami punya, namun untuk sekarang ini dulu ya. Untuk TOEFEL / IELTS nanti saja, terima kasih sampai jumpa. 

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