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10 places in Bali that You must visit before you Die

Any plans for Bali?
Already know the location that you will visit in Bali?

Indeed there are some people who do not like to plan something, especially when sightseeing, but you will go abroad, and maybe your time is limited.
Especially if your budget is limited, then you need a careful plan before you start boarding the plane to Bali.

Bali is the name of the island, the province, and just call it a tribe, for the indigenous people of Bali and those who are still Balinese. Bali is a very beautiful place, has a tropical climate, and is more famous than its own country, Indonesia.
This place is unique, located in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, Bali earned the nickname of the island of the gods, which indeed the people still adhere to the Hindu religion.
So, when you go to Bali, actually you are not only looking for a beach or a beautiful rice field, but you also enjoy a very different atmosphere from other places in this world.

nusa penida bali beach

for a tourist, bali is a cheap place, but that does not mean you can not enjoy luxury in bali. Starting from food, drinks, hotels and beautiful spots, you can enjoy with a small budget. Weak rupiah against the us dollar,
currency that is used in Indonesia, you should be able to freely in Bali premises with superior purchasing power.

Well, if you have chosen Bali as a tourist destination, you must visit the following 10 tourist attractions, which offer enchanting natural nuances and exotic Balinese cultural arts.

1. Kuta Beach (Badung)
Kuta is a region of Bali which is very famous throughout the world, especially its beaches.

As a symbol of tourism in the Island of the Gods, it's no wonder that local and foreign tourists make Kuta Beach one of their best and favorite tourist destinations because of the beauty of the long coastline and soft white sand.

According to Google maps, you only need to travel 8 kilometers or 20 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai airport.

Its strategic location with a variety of artshops, restaurants, cafes and shopping centers makes Kuta Beach more crowded.

You can take an afternoon walk along the beach, play water, surf, or relax to enjoy the waves and white sand while waiting for a sunset that is so charming to touch the west coast line.

2. Jimbaran Beach (Badung)
If you want to enjoy fresh seafood while listening to the waves and admiring the panoramic beach that stretches in front of you, Jimbaran Beach is a tourist attraction in Bali that you must visit.

Moreover, the location is so close to Ngurah Rai airport which is about 13 minutes. We like this place, especially if you are a seafood lover, your tongue will be spoiled with a variety of seafood at restaurants along the beach.

The price is varied from tens to hundreds of thousands with the pleasure of serving food that you will never forget.

There are also shopping centers, spas, as well as lodging and hotels around Jimbaran Beach. In addition, you will also see firsthand the activities of the fishermen around the coast.

3. Tanjung Benoa Watersport (Badung)
In Bali, you can also do marine tourism and water sports or watersport activities with your family.

Tanjung Benoa, Kuta Selatan region, about 27 minutes drive from the airport, is one of the marine tourism that offers a different way to enjoy the beach.

Unlike Jimbaran Beach and Kuta Beach, Tanjung Benoa has quieter sea waves making it suitable for water sports activities.

Conducting watersport activities in Tanjung Benoa such as jetski, parasailing, banana boat, scuba diving, and snorkeling make your vacation with family fun and more enjoyable.

If you invite children, it is highly recommended to travel to the turtle island to get to know and see the rare animal directly.

4. Sanur Beach (Denpasar)
In addition to Kuta, Sanur Beach is also a must-have tourist spot when you visit Bali. To reach this tourist spot, from the airport you need about 25 minutes drive via the Bali Mandara expressway.

Along the beach with white sand and calm waves making Sanur Beach attractive to local and foreign tourists.

Besides traveling along Sanur Beach, you can also travel on the seabed or seawalker tour.

If you can't swim, you don't need to worry because the instructor will always accompany you. In addition, for safety, you will be asked to wear a helmet with oxygen flow and is specifically designed.

So you can walk on the seabed to feel the closeness to the nautical nature of Sanur Beach, a variety of fish, coral reefs and sea plants.

5. Bali Bird Park (Gianyar)
If you invite children to take part in a vacation to Bali, Tsafe Bird or Bali Bird Park must be included in the list of tourist attractions that you will visit.

Bali Bird Park is located in Singapadu, Gianyar; with a distance of 26.4 km from Ngurah Rai airport. The time you need to get to the place is about 45 minutes.

To enter Bali Bird Park, you have to pay a ticket of IDR 150,000 per adult and IDR 75,000 per child. However, this price will be paid with exciting and enjoyable experiences in this park.

There are about 1000 birds with 250 species from Indonesia, Africa and South America and 2000 types of tropical plants can enrich children's insights about the animal and plant world.

In addition to seeing birds and tropical plants, seeing firsthand the process of bird breeding from eggs and the process of feeding and taking pictures with the birds is a pleasant experience for you and your family.

6. Bali Safari & Marine Park (Gianyar)
Want to see tigers, lions, hippos, rhinos, and other rare animals in close proximity directly in Bali?

You and your family must visit Bali Safari & Marine Park which is located in Gianyar district, 36 km or 57 minutes from the airport.

Bali safari park

Thousands of endangered animals with more than 60 species and their natural habitats can be seen on your way as a Safari Explorer.

Professionally trained animal shows will be presented to entertain and give you an amazing experience.

If you want to see various fish from all over the world, Marine Park is the right place. In addition, water rides in the Fun Zone will complement your tour to be more memorable.

7. Monkey Forest (Gianyar)
Monkey Forest, what tourist place is that? Maybe you can guess from its name, which is a tourist attraction related to apes.

This is indeed a monkey forest or Wenara Wana; foreign tourists are more familiar with the term Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

From the airport, you can reach this place after traveling around 1 hour 18 minutes. For 2016, the price of admission is quite cheap at IDR 40,000 for adults and IDR 30,000 for children.

With an area of ​​10 hectares, the Monkey Forest is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys (around 600 individuals) and there is a Dalem Temple which adds to the sanctity of this tourist spot.

Seeing the behavior of apes, feeding the monkeys also taking pictures with them will be a fun activity for you and your family.

However, you should always be vigilant because some apes like to pick up items that attract their attention, such as glasses, headsets, hand fans, hair clips and other striking accessories.

If you feel scared, ask a local officer to accompany you.

8. Puri Ubud (Gianyar)
Besides Monkey Forest, the Ubud area is also famous for its arts and culture that are so thick. On the way to the Ubud area, the terraced rice fields will soothe your eyes.

Art and culture are the main breaths of the population in this region.

If you want to see Balinese culture and art firsthand, you must visit Puri Ubud.

As the center of the Ubud royal government as well as a center for arts, cultural and traditional activities, various dance performances such as barong dance, kecak dance, and other dances are staged at Puri Ubud.

If you want to stay overnight, you don't need to worry because most residents provide guest houses for tourists who want to stay around Ubud.

Restaurants and artshops have also mushroomed making it easier for you to shop for food or exotic works by Ubud artists.

9. Tanah Lot (Tabanan)
The sanctity of the temple with the beauty of the beach merges in Tanah Lot, as a tourist attraction that makes more and more tourists want to visit. With about 1 hour drive from the airport, you will arrive at Tanah Lot.

There are two temples in this area, one on a large rock in the middle of the beach and another on a cliff.

There is also a temple guard snake that is believed to protect the place from evil forces and other negative energy. The peak of beauty is presented at sunset, moreover it is equipped with a Kecak dance performance that tells the story of the Ramayana.

10. Bedugul Botanical Gardens (Tabanan)
Still in the Tabanan region, about 63.4 km from the airport, the Bedugul Botanical Garden is the most distant tourist attraction from other tourist attractions.

On the way to this botanical garden, the beautiful panorama of Lake Beratan will captivate your eyes. If you are allergic to cold, you should bring body warmers because the air is rather cold.

More than 2,000 species of plants from the mountainous regions of Eastern Indonesia are preserved in the Bedugul Botanical Gardens. Not surprisingly, this botanical garden will be very suitable for you who want to enjoy a calm atmosphere and close to nature.

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Closing :
If you have a vacation plan, Bali is a tourist destination that you must visit because of its natural beauty, art, and culture.
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