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Today's Beauty of Women Is Very Unhealthy - Beauty From a Male Perspective

healthy is beautiful

Let's talk about the beauty of women today that most are not like us (men) expect. They are too far away and sorry, too fake, moreover too unhealthy.
Face care, body, and an unhealthy life all for the sake of pursuing false beauty, even though they know, it is very unhealthy, but still they go against the flow of a healthy lifestyle.

I am indeed married, have three children, thankful I have found a woman like I dreamed of. Natural beauty, good health, good mother, family love, loyal, and committed, yes that might fulfill the purpose of marriage, right?
But on the way, yes it was many years ago, but I noticed that it hasn't changed, it could even be worse. I am dating a cosmetic bag and / or a fake silicone and "race". And they think that they are doing right and feel beautiful, who said? a goat?

Ok girls, I can hear from a distance, you have started to attack, the sound of keyboard beats everywhere, even you throw your smartphone, or even want to throw me with a stone.
But wait, actually I love you all, but I can't stand it, you think you are beautiful, right? But why did you kill yourself, and bring chemical factories everywhere. The more it seems, as I said, I / we love all of you, seriously.
You are indeed beautiful, but a lot of silliness has become a woman's habit now. When I'm dating, I certainly like the woman, at least from the physical aspect, because from there we initially get to know our potential partners, it seems.

Ok, let's put it this way, before I was demoed by feminists, just to the point, I revealed fake beauty that was never expected by men, but still displayed by women, even they didn't care if the men they actually liked, were not happy about with their behavior, again I say, it is very unhealthy.

1. Obsessed with thin body, very much so that doing unhealthy methods. Ok this is the first, I often hear women complain, "I'm too fat", even though their bodies are still very beautiful in my eyes.
And because the focus of our discussion this time is from the health side, in short if you really look thin, then do it healthy. A good diet, adequate rest, no stress, and exercise, I don't think it's rocket science, but guess what, they use drugs!
Ok, yes, ladies, I don't need a body that is too thin, I don't want to sleep with a skull, if it's obesity, if it really needs to be dealt with, even though some men are okay, I used to have a rather big girlfriend (don't say to my wife), more than one. A little meat and fat is still sexy, period.
There are three body types, one thin, even though you eat very much every day, two moderate, three moderate but easily accumulate fat, type one is ok, type two survives, type three is ok, but it's kind of hard to look like type one. Don't cross the line, absolutely no problem with curvy body.
2. Beautiful face but full of putty, this is clear, indeed make up is a skill, I just need a sincere smile, nothing more. I don't want to smell chemicals.
3. Fake race, they say Exotic, for me every woman has her own keesoktisan, the black one using bleach, even injections that have no clear origins, are expensive again. Even more strange, if counted, of course far more women who want white skin, who has tanned skin unhealthy. Basking may be ok, but don't overdo it.
The important thing is healthy, there is no skin disease, I have no problems with skin color, whether black, white or in between.
4. Silicon - Big is beautiful, but small also has its own beauty, the important thing is there, is not it free?
5. Hair - Cut and joined, or eyebrows that are shaved and painted, this is what I want to say, I do not understand, instead it becomes ugly and fake.
6. Tattoos -  art they said, but sometimes it's not like picaso paintings, tattoos don't need to, love to see skin instead of ink.

Maybe there are others, obsessed with the latest fashion, following standards that are not actually determined by men. And especially using unhealthy methods to pursue beauty, expensive again.
So girls, don't listen to those who push you into the abyss, be natural, I guarantee men will like it and you won't get cancer.
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