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Outbreaks of Coronavirus Covid-19, Indonesia has not been infected?

Coronavirus from Wuhan, China which is now called Covid-19 or Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by WHO, is currently in the global attention, because its victims have already broken 1,000.
The initial infection was indeed from Wuhan, then the virus spread to several countries. Its spread is easy, the virus has now spread to several countries in the world, even to the United States.
With the increasingly widespread spread of this virus, Indonesia as a country that is close to the area of the spread of the virus will certainly be vigilant if at any time there are people who are affected or carry this virus. Strangely, until now in Indonesia, is still declared free of coronavirus.
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Following are the reasons put forward by several experts from Indonesia:

Tropical climate

Microbiologist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FKUI) Dr. R Fera Ibrahim, MSc, SpMK (K) PhD, agreed that. He said, sunlight could help to deactivate the virus.
"The influence of the tropical climate, because the sun's rays also help us to inactivate the virus," said Dr. Fera.
Meanwhile, in the opinion of experts from the Yong Loo Lin School of National University of Singapore, Jyoti Somani and Paul Tambyah, sunlight will also help the process to eliminate the corona virus.
This was based on the SARS spread that spread across China and disappeared during the summer in China around May.
However, related to the tropical climate, experts are still formulating whether the temperature of heat will affect the level of corona virus spread, but there is not enough evidence to convince the world.
Meanwhile the Doctor who revealed the Corona Virus finally died from a 2019-nCoV infection. A medical staff member walked past the wreath of the late doctor Li Wenliang seen at the Houhu Branch of Wuhan Central Hospital in Wuhan in Hubei province, China. Li Wenliang died of the corona virus in Wuhan at 2:58 a.m. Friday morning local time. As it is known that the Corona virus easily attacks humans who are having low endurance. At this time there has not been any detected Corona virus spread in Indonesia. However, the power of each individual body also affects the level of spread of this virus.
Through the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Secretary of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Doctor Achmad Yurianto explained, Indonesia currently has tools that can detect new diseases that arise and infect humans, including the Corona virus. Polymerase Chain Reaction or (PCR) is a tool that is claimed to be able to assist Litbangkes in detecting the spread of the Corona virus in Indonesia.
"We use PCR which is commonly used in Australia and Singapore, and is in accordance with WHO standards. All of our treatments are according to WHO standards," said a statement from the Secretary General of Disease Prevention and Control Achmad Yurianto. It is hoped that with this facility, it can indeed be proven that the spread of the Corona virus in Indonesia can be prevented from spreading.
The Chinese government isolated Wuhan City, which has a population of around 11 million, to curb the spread of the corona virus. Although Indonesia is currently claimed to be safe from the threat of the Corona virus, through the World Health Organization (WHO), the world is worried about Indonesia, which until now has not provided data related to whether there is a spread of this deadly virus in Indonesia.
Although until now there has been no report related to the spread of this deadly virus in Indonesia, the government through the Ministry of Health always coordinates the spread of this virus. The government is working with WHO to oversee the spread of this virus.
"Indonesia is preparing to deal with the possibility of spreading the Corona virus. WHO and the Indonesian Ministry of Health also continue to coordinate. The Government of Indonesia has also begun to disseminate information about this virus to the public in the last few days," said a WHO representative for Indonesia, doctor Navaratnasamy Paranietharan, in Jakarta.
However, it is not known for certain whether previous government data included asymptomatic cases.
The overall number of cases in mainland China broke through 44,653, based on data released on Wednesday, as reported by Antara. Hubei Province, which became the epicenter of the Corona Virus outbreak, reported 94 deaths. A total of 72 of them were detected in Wuhan.
"We now have a name for disease # 2019nCOv: Covid-19. I spell it: C-O-V-I-D line one nine. Covid-19," WHO leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was quoted as saying by WHO's official Twitter account. According to the Science Alert report, WHO previously called the Corona Virus an acute respiratory disease 2019-nCov. Covid also turns out to be an abbreviation of Corona Virus Disease, and 19 bemean 2019.
In other words, the name Covid-19 is almost no different from 2019-nCov. The only difference is the abbreviation and the year is moved backwards. WHO says it does not want to name the virus in the name of an animal or country because it does not want to be stigmatized. This is based on WHO guidelines published in 2015. Previously, there were diseases that were named according to regions such as Ebola and Zika. Ebola turns out to be the name of a river in the Democratic Republic of Congo, while Zika is a forest in Ugana. The two regional names have now been attached to the public as the names of deadly diseases. In addition, the name of a person should also no longer be the name of a disease, for example like Bell Palsy or Alzheimer's disease. Covid-19 originally came from the city of Wuhan, China. Transmission is thought to originate from bats or anteaters.

Health Minister Terawan Challenges Harvard to Check Corona Virus in Indonesia

Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto during a hearing with the House of Representatives Commission IX in the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/05/2019). The meeting discussed the polemic about the increase in BPJS Health fees. Harvard University conducted a study related to the analysis of the number of passengers on international flights from Wuhan to countries around the world, one of which is Indonesia. In that study, it was found that the number of Corona virus cases identified in Indonesia was below the estimate. The research aimed at increasing researchers' understanding of the Corona virus outbreak has not been further reviewed and raised concerns that cases of Corona virus in Indonesia have not been identified.
Knowing the research of experts from Harvard University, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Menkes RI), Terawan Agus Purwanto, considered it far-fetched.
"Yes, I think the suspicion is far-fetched," said Minister Terawan.
He also challenged Harvard experts to go directly to the tools and laboratory for detecting Corona viruses directly in Indonesia. Terawan also asserted that the government also never covered up data about the spread of the Corona virus from Wuhan.
"Yes, Harvard, come here, I open the door to see. So, we have nothing to cover," Terawan said.
Indonesia has become one of the countries that has not been exposed to the corona virus since the outbreak in the City of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, at least last month. Although there are some patients suspected of being exposed to the 2019-nCoV virus (novel coronavirus), the results are always negative. A total of 238 people who were evacuated from Hubei Province and observed in Natuna were found to be in good health. Seeing this fact, epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch of Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health suspected that the corona virus had actually spread in Indonesia, but was not detected. Also read: Harvard Experts Warn, Corona Virus in Indonesia Not Detected This will lead to the potential for the virus to form a much larger epidemic. The statement made Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto inflamed. Not accepting with that statement, Terawan also made a number of strong statements. The following explanation: Considered insulting Terawan did not accept the statement that Indonesia could not detect the corona virus. According to him, Indonesia has a number of sophisticated equipment to detect the corona virus. "It's called insulting, our equipment was repaired yesterday with the United States Ambassador (US). We use the kit (tools) from the US," Terawan said after a meeting at the TNP2K Office, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Terawan said, so far it had worked according to international standards in the corona virus checking process. Not only Harvard researchers, Terawan also invited the World Health Organization (WHO) to see the checking process carried out in Indonesia with the tools they have.
"We are open, nothing is covered up. But if we are told to compare to other countries, there is an MTA, the material transfer agreement. The material must not be taken out, there is an external agreement,"
Please check In principle, said Terawan, the Ministry of Health is very transparent so it is invited if the Harvard researcher wants to examine the laboratory and examination process. This step will be carried out so that there is no longer any doubt about the results of the detection that has been carried out on the alleged corona virus in Indonesia. "Other countries that have been accredited have recognized, WHO has also recognized, the tools are also from there," said Terawan. "If there are other people who want to do surveys and conjectures, go ahead, but don't discredit a country," said the former Head of the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital. Terawan said that the absence of the corona virus detected in Indonesia should also not be questioned. Moreover, he said, the government had been wary of carrying out prevention and detection of people suspected of tsaid corona virus. "We are all on high alert, doing things with the highest level of vigilance, and the equipment used is also international equipment," Terawan said. "If not (there is a corona virus finding), yes, we are grateful, not questioned. That is what I cannot understand, we should be grateful that the Almighty still blesses us," he continued. Also read: Minister of Health: No Corona Virus Detected Should Be Grateful, Not Questioned Therefore, Terawan also hopes that no one doubts the issue. Sanglah Hospital medical team in the simulation of the handling of patients infected with corona virus in the Nusa Indah Isolation Room.
Prevention of corona virus A number of steps have been taken by the Government of Indonesia in preventing the spread of corona virus. The move began with the installation of a thermoscanner at the arrival gates of airports and ports. The team from the Ministry of Health was also alerted at the doors to examine anyone who came from abroad, especially China. Anticipating Corona Virus, Indonesia will alert Thermoscanner at 135 Entrance of RI. Furthermore, the Government of Indonesia has also temporarily suspended flights from and to China to anticipate the spread of the virus starting Wednesday (02/05/2020).
This was decided after President Joko Widodo held a limited meeting with a number of ministers at the Air Force Base Halim Perdanakusuma, East Jakarta, Sunday (2/2/2020). The meeting discussed the return of Indonesian citizens (WNI) from Wuhan, China. The government also temporarily revoked visas free visas and visas on arrival for Chinese citizens. "The policy of visa-free visas and visas on arrival for Chinese citizens residing in mainland China has been temporarily stopped," the Foreign Minister said. Also read: RI Suspends Visa-Free and Visa On Arrival Facilities for Chinese Citizens A number of Indonesian citizens who were evacuated from Wuhan, Hubei, China did gymnastics with TNI soldiers on the ninth day at the Air Force Air Base Hangar Raden Sadjad, Ranai, Natuna , Riau Islands, Monday (02/10/2020). According to the Presidential Staff Office, 238 Indonesian citizens who have completed a 14-day observation period will be monitored on their health condition when they arrive in their area of origin. The government has also evacuated 238 people in Hubei Province, China to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Nevertheless there are seven people who did not return to Indonesia, four people were not willing to be evacuated of their own volition, while the other three did not pass the health screening by the Chinese Government. The evacuated Indonesian citizens were immediately observed in Natuna, Riau Islands to conduct a number of health checks related to the possibility of exposure to the corona virus. However, the Minister of Health Terawan, ensured that the 238 people were in good health and by 15 February their observations at Natuna were finished.

Not a Favorite Destination

This is also the theory of speculation, but it is quite reasonable. Indonesia is known for its poor health services, by countries outside Indonesia, including by the Chinese people. Indonesia is a developing country, let alone the 1998 racism issue that may have also made Chinese people not come to Indonesia. It could be, since Dr. Li revealed the corona virus, and some people who had the ability to flee abroad, they left China. Some of these people, could have been infected with Covid-19 without realizing it, and these people had not been to Indonesia. So it makes perfect sense if Indonesia is still safe from Covid-19, let alone tight guard at International Airports in Indonesia. Even so, Indonesia must not be too confident, and remain vigilant.
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